4Gear Release 17 NHRA Slot Cars

Legends of the Quarter Mile – 4Gear Release 17

4Gear Release 17
Item #: SC315
Release Date: 04/29/16 CH1 = April 29, 2016 or 08/31/16 CH2 = August 31, 2016

4Gear Release 17 is the only NHRA slot car release from Auto World that I am aware of having two different release dates. The Brand X and Jungle Jim slot car have the date code 04/29/16 CH1 while the Don Schumacher and Damn Yankee slot cars have a date code of 08/31/16 CH2. This is the first appearance of the CH2 code. In one of our Collectors Guide posts you can read more about Auto Word’s date codes.

Ron O’Donnell – Damn Yankee – 1970’s Plymouth Cuda
Don Schumacher – 1971 Plymouth Cuda Funny Car
Sien & Lankford – Brand X – 1973 Ford Mustang
Jim Liberman – Jungle Jim – 1970’s Camaro Funny Car